Polish Vodka Museum

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Polish Vodka Museum will throw open its doors on 12th June. At The Polish Vodka Museum you can learn about the 500-year-long history of the spirit, have a delicious meal and a drink. You can also learn about the principles of serving vodka and how to pair it with other dishes. After the visit you are bound to look at this well-known and popular around the world spirit in a different way.
The museum is located in a historic rectification (distillation) plant, within the premises of the former Warsaw Vodka Factory “Koneser”. It is where the historic vodkas such as Wyborowa and Luksusowa were produced.

Not each vodka can be called “Polish vodka”. Polish spirit is made from ethyl alcohol (ethanol) of agricultural origin. It is traditionally made from potatoes or one of five types of grains (rye, wheat, barley, oats and triticale). But first of all, the material must come from Poland, and the whole production process must be implemented entirely in the country. Vodka established its place in Poland in 17th century. It was drunk by people from all walks of life - from peasants, to landed gentry or kings. The liquor was so popular that after a while each bigger manor house boasted its own distillery.
The exhibition features some parts of a recreated Old Polish manor house, modelled on the 18th-century one from Moniaków (currently on display at the open-air ethnographic museum in Janowiec). The middle of the room is occupied by an interactive table. By touching particular elements, you can learn interesting facts about the culture of drinking vodka in Old Poland. Several dozens of original vodkas, starting from clear to flavoured ones, constitute the highlight of this exhibition. Our oldest exhibit is a bottle of cherry liquor (by J.A. Baczewski) produced in the 1940s. All our exhibits are stylishly showcased in artistically lighted display cabinets.
The tour ends with a visit to Akademia Wódki bar. It is a vodka tasting place, but it is also where the educational workshops devoted to the principles of serving vodka and pairing it with other dishes are held. The workshops instructor skilfully describes the taste of the liquor step by step. The vodka tasting experience in his company is a real feast for the taste buds. Every sip will allow you to identify even more flavours and aromas in one sample of vodka.
But speaking of vodka, there is also a restaurant to go to. To savour some cocktails based on Polish Vodka, and try delicious snacks served by the renowned and reputable chef, Aleksander Baron, the visitors can visit the elegant “¾” bar.
The Museum also houses WuWu 24/7 bistro, and ZONI restaurant. For dessert, visitors can go to the Wedel Chocolate Lounge.

The opening hours are Monday-Thursday 10.00 am - 8.00 pm, and Friday-Sunday 11.00 am - 9.00 pm. The walking tours are designed for a group of 25 people, with admission taking place every 20 minutes.The admission fee is 40 PLN per person (a guided tour and vodka tasting are included in the price). The exhibition is exclusively reserved for adults only.