Etudes Karol Prochacki’s art exhibition

Wed Oct 12th 2016 to Sat Nov 12th 2016 at 10:00 until 23:00
ul. Tamka 43, Warsaw, City Center
Tamka 43

Event Details

In his new painting series, Karol Prochacki tirelessly and consistently explores the pictorial form. The fascination with colour, pouring stain and penetration of layers result in expressive compositions. Hypnotic and radiant with its inner glow.

The artist balances on the edge of landscape and abstraction, giving his canvases ambiguous dimension. He appeals to the sensitivity of the viewer, thus provoking one to encounter the world of personal associations and experiences.
Upon working on 'Etudes' series, the artist was accompanied by Frederic Chopin’s Etudes, which have naturally become an important part of the creative process. This raises the question - to what extent, if any, a piece of music with its rhythm and energy is translatable to the matter of painting?
Karol Prochacki - born in Gdańsk (1982). A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk with a degree in design and set design. His projects have been presented in King’s College, London; Direktorenhaus Gallery, Berlin; ZPAP Gallery, Warsaw and the National Museum in Gdańsk. He is living and working in Warsaw.

The exhibition is open daily from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm.
? The opening: 12.10 at 8:00 pm
Organised by: Tamka 43 & Lumarte
Media partners: Artysta i Sztuka quartlerly & Niezł

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