North Warsaw


Bielany is an area located in the north on the left bank of the Vistula River. It is one of the greenest and most beautiful areas of the capital. It is located in the vicinity of Kampinos, a unique forest complex in Europe covering over 38.5 thousand hectares. 28% of the land in this area is undeveloped. Bielany is located close to other areas such as Bemowo and Zoliborz. Characteristic landmarks of the Bielany landscape are: Bielanski Forest, Mlocinski Park and Forest, Bemowo Forest as well as Kamedulow Monastery (located in Bielanski Forest). From here there is also a wonderful panoramic view of the Vistula River. You can also visit the grave of Stanislaw Staszic, a leading figure in the Polish Enlightenment. Bielanski Forest Reserve covers an area of 130 ha. In this reserve valuable trees are protected. There is also a rich world of insects, birds, many centres of research and teaching with four universities located in this area.


In Bemowo you can find many historic forts such as Babice Fort, Bema Fort and Chrzanow Fort. In the east part of this area there is also the military aviation centre. Civilian and tourist airlines use Bemowo Airport.


Zoliborz is the smallest district of Warsaw. There are six parks here including Kepa Potocka Park and Sady Zoliborskie Park. In this area there is also the established Teatr Komedia (Comedy Theatre).