West Warsaw

Warsaw’s Wola district was formerly under the administration of the City Centre. Here you can find lots of high-rise buildings. It is the second agglomeration of the city centre. Banks and representative offices of foreign companies have replaced old industrial plants. The residential areas of the west of Wola have been changed to give them a more European character. Some examples of this are the Atrium offices on Pope John Paul II Avenue, the Kredyt Bank buildings on Kasprzaka Street and one of the highest buildings in Warsaw, the Warsaw Trade Tower also known as Daewoo.

An interesting project was the adaptation of an old power plant for the Warsaw Uprising Museum. While in the city centre there is no space for new buildings, Wola is undergoing a renaissance at the moment with investors choosing this area to invest in offices, shops and residential areas because of its close proximity to the city centre. Historic buildings of Wola include: fragments of the Ghetto Wall on Sienna Street, Sowinski Fort, Warsaw Gasworks, Hala Mirowska (a large indoor market), the Gas Museum, Reduta Ordona, Krasinski Palace and Gardens, Arsenal, Pawiak and the monument to the ghetto heroes. There is the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising, the Automobile Museum, Fire Musuem, Railway Museum and the Gas Musuem. Here you can also visit Powazkowski Cemetery.

The most important place which was built in Ochota in the last decade is the Ochota Unversity Campus. Here there are a number of important academic centres such as the Medical Academy and the Geology Faculty of the University of Warsaw. Ochota Office Park is located on Jerusalem Avenue where there are many corporate offices and two shopping centres: Blue City and Reduta. In Ochota you can find the key for Warsaw’s building industry a group of filter stations, Mokotowski fields and the hospital at Banach.

Within this district there is an all year round skiing slope. Only 3 such slopes in exist in Europe. This is located on Gorka Szczesliwicka. The slope is 230 metres long with a difference in height of 40 metres. Frederic Chopin Airport is located in the district called Wlochy. Here you can also find Veteran’s Park and the historic Fortress of Warsaw.