Lazienki District

The Lazienki district is famous for many reasons. One of the most well-known places and one which is worth adding to your list of things to do when visiting Warsaw is Lazienki Park. This delightful park is an oasis of calm for those in search of a break from the rush in such a busy city and is a very popular space for walking in or for taking part in other forms of recreation. The name of the park comes from the lavish private bathing house established here by Stanislas Lubomirski. This was later turned into a palace next to a lake by the last king of Poland, Stanislas Poniatowski. This so-called Palace on the Water is one of the most popular sights in the park.

One of the other highlights here is the Chopin garden which contains an interesting bronze statue of Warsaw’s favourite son sitting under a weeping willow tree with the branches stretched over his head as if playing the piano. Since 1959, there have been free piano recitals of Chopin’s music at its base every Sunday. The park also has some royal residences such as the White House which has a king’s original bed as well as a fine collection of paintings. In the Old Orangery there is an example of an 18th century wooden court theatre which is in excellent condition with rich decorative painting.

Lazienki Park - The Royal Bath, Warsaw

The Josef Pilsudski Museum is located just outside the park in the Belweder Palace which was preciously a porcelain manufacturing plant as well as the residence of the Russian Grand Duke who ruled Poland when it was under the occupation of Russian forces during the time of the Tsars.

Not so far from Lazienki Park is Ujazdowski Park. This is another place of retreat in the capital city. It contains a fountain filled canal that stretches out beneath the stone riverbank escarpment towards the Vistula. Located here is also the second ever reinforced-concrete bridge in the world. There is also a children’s playground, sculptures by local artists and also a public weighing scales that has been in use since 1912.

Further on is the fascinating Ujazdowski Castle. This castle has had many uses over the years such as being used as a retreat for nobles and also as an army hospital. Thankfully it was saved from destruction after there were plans to knock down the structure after it was badly destroyed in World War II and replace it with a People’s Military House. The castle was restored in 1981 and nowadays it houses the Centre for Contemporary Art.

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