Haunted Warsaw: Unveiling the Spooky Side of the City


Embark on eerie experiences and ghostly tales in Warsaw

1. Old Town Ghost Walk

Discover the hidden secrets of Warsaw's Old Town as you walk through its dimly lit streets. Hear spooky tales about ghosts, legends, and eerie occurrences that will send shivers down your spine.


2. Cemetery Excursion

Take a guided tour of Warsaw's most haunted cemeteries. Explore the final resting places of famous figures and listen to eerie stories in the haunting ambiance of these atmospheric graveyards.


3. Nighttime Cemetery Photography

Capture the spooky atmosphere of Warsaw's haunted cemeteries through nighttime photography. Join a professional photographer who will guide you in capturing hauntingly beautiful images of these sacred grounds.


4. Haunted Pub Crawl

Embark on a unique pub crawl experience with a spooky twist. Visit haunted pubs and taverns in Warsaw, where you can enjoy a drink while hearing chilling tales of paranormal encounters.


5. Horrors of World War II

Learn about the haunted side of Warsaw during World War II. Visit sites associated with the city's darkest moments, hear personal stories of survival, and discover the lingering spirits of the war.


6. Legends and Vampires of Praga District

Venture into Warsaw's Praga District to uncover its legends and tales of vampires. Explore the neighborhood's dark history and learn about the mythical creatures that supposedly roam its streets.