Holiday Spirit: Festive Events in Warsaw


Celebrate the holiday season in Poland's capital

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1. Visiting the Royal Castle

Discover the historical beauty of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, which becomes even more enchanting during the holiday season. Explore its grand halls and learn about Polish history while immersing yourself in the festive decorations and Christmas-themed exhibitions.


2. Attend a Christmas Concert

Enjoy the melodious tunes of classical music during a Christmas concert in Warsaw. Experience the joy and warmth of the holiday season as talented musicians perform traditional carols and symphonies in beautifully adorned concert halls and churches.


3. Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra

Indulge in a world-class musical experience by attending a performance by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra. With their repertoire ranging from traditional Christmas compositions to renowned works, this is a must-visit attraction for music lovers during the holiday season.


4. Discover Warsaw Christmas Nativities

Stroll through Warsaw's streets and admire the beautiful Christmas nativity scenes on display. From traditional to modern interpretations, these intricately designed nativities capture the essence of the holiday season and showcase the city's rich cultural heritage.


5. Warsaw Uprising Museum

Learn about an important chapter in Warsaw's history by visiting the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Engage with interactive exhibits, historical artifacts, and gripping stories of courage and resilience. During the holiday season, the museum also offers special exhibits that explore wartime celebrations.


6. Wilanów Palace and Park

Step into a fairytale setting by visiting the Wilanów Palace and Park during the holidays. Admire the beautifully decorated palace interiors, stroll through the winter gardens, and enjoy the festive ambiance surrounding the palace grounds. Experience the magical charm of this historical gem.


7. Christmas at the Palace of Culture and Science

Explore the iconic Palace of Culture and Science during the holiday season, as it transforms into a delightful Christmas wonderland. Witness the grandeur of the palace adorned with sparkling lights, attend festive concerts, and enjoy various holiday-themed exhibitions and activities.